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Annual Fire Inspection Program

BWFR personnel visit all businesses within our District boundaries annually to ensure that fire code provisions are in place and adhered to and that life safety systems (i.e. fire alarms, suppression, etc.) are functioning properly - to keep members of the public and employees safe. This also allows us a chance to get to know the citizens we serve a little bit better, as well as gain additional knowledge about local businesses, to be more prepared for emergencies if they occur.  

The goal for our annual fire inspection program is to ensure businesses are operating safely as well as to educate our citizens, when needed, on pertinent fire and life safety code provisions. We continually strive to have a cooperative partnership with all our local businesses, working to maintain a safe environment for our citizens, visitors to the area, and our firefighters. We genuinely care about providing top notch service in everything we do, and we want to know what YOU think. We have created a survey which allows you to provide feedback to us on how well we are serving you through our inspection program, or provide ideas for improving the program so it is the most beneficial. You can access the survey by clicking  the link below!

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