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Emergency Medical Services

Our staff is trained in various levels of emergency medicine ranging from First Responder to Paramedic. While most volunteers are firefighters, there is an option to serve only in the EMS Division.

Many of the EMS Division staff move on to the next available fire academy and then become firefighters.

Our EMS Division is a place for those individuals who are currently certified (or soon will be) at the EMT level or higher in the State of Colorado, and have either missed the academy application deadline and still want to serve until the next academy, or for those that have no interest in the fire service and only wish to be an EMS provider.

Those wishing to be considered for the Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue EMS Division should fill out a standard application. EMS Division applications are accepted year round.

Helpful links regarding re-certification and protocols: 




Denver Metro Protocols

The EMS Division is currently supervised by Battalion Chief Josie Fischer. For further information please contact the BWFR Administrative Office at (303) 644-3572.

Medical direction is provided by Dr. Eric Hill at The Medical Center of Aurora in accordance with established Denver Metro protocols.