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Health and Safety

Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue is committed to ensuring our staff are healthy, fit, and safe while performing their duties as firefighters and EMS providers. Through the establishment of a Health and Safety Division, the Health and Safety Officer is able to oversee and administer annual physical fitness assessments, diet and supplement counseling, mental health programs, as well as firefighter safety while on emergency scenes to ensure the wellness of all staff. Current staff members are required to take an annual physical fitness test designed to measure the staff members ability to perform tasks on a five-tiered grading system. Any staff member who falls below the average level of fitness for a firefighter is assigned to work with the Health and Safety Division to meet both department needs and personal needs of the firefighter. The Health and Safety Division also offers access to an Employee Assistance Program, a peer counseling service, and top of the line physical fitness equipment throughout the district. It is the goal of the Health and Safety Division to keep our firefighters safe in order to keep our community safe.