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Brush 92

Brush 92 is a 2002 Ford F-550 Brush Truck. Brush 92 carries 400 gallons of water pumped through a 350 gallon per minute pump. Brush 92 responds to reports of brush and wildland fires, as well as calls that may require four wheel drive capabilities. Brush 92 is outfitted with wildland equipment in order to control weed and brush fires throughout the district as well as when it is requested for mutual aid by neighboring departments. Like Brush Engine 91, Brush 92 is outfitted with hand lines, but it is also equipped with a bumper mounted water turret. Using a joystick, the Officer inside of the truck can control the turret without having to put firefighters out on the fire line. This turret allows quick attack capabilities and gives the ability to quickly control and extinguish fires that the brush truck responds to. Brush 92 is cross staffed by the on duty crew at Station 92 as needed. Brush 92 can also serve as a Basic Life Support response apparatus when staffing does not allow for Medic 92 to be staffed.

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