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Suggestion Box

The items that come through the feedback form that are not questions will be shared here for review. If a response is needed, it will also be added here. Thank you for your comments, feedback, and ideas!

Meeting Notes Feedback 1 - Please do a better job in the notes. Rather than mentioning that a discussion around a specific topic occurred, please either provide a recording of the meeting or do a more thorough job of transcribing. The "notes" are effectively worthless to those that are unable to attend the meeting. Feedback 2 - The notes and feedback have been good, it just seems sometime the details aren’t always clear for some of the big issues. 

Thank you for your feedback. General discussion between multiple people around a given topic is often difficult to transcribe word for word. The intent of the notes is to convey all the main topics of discussion and any decisions that are being considered or made during the meeting to keep everyone in the loop, to the best of our ability. Since we are very early in the process, sometimes answers, details, or direction are not clear at the time of the meeting. We can certainly look into some alternate options for future meetings, and/or will try to include more specifics or details, when possible.

Volunteer Suggestion I would say that each volunteer should only be expected to submit 1 to 3 stations that they are expected pull shifts out of. Or you could submit a survey to volunteers or all staff even collecting their opinions on where or how many stations they would like to be stationed out of. 

Please see the answer to Question 3. This process will be defined and established by the Authority for the needs of the District.

Process I feel like this process is rushed. There so many things happening so fast that its hard to imagine how all this is going to work out by the end of the year when its already almost half over. I think the leadership needs to slow down a little bit and really think about how even though its good intentions, some of these things done wrong could really harm peoples quality of life. Im worried and even thinking about how upset I would feel if these issues aren't resolved. We could lose some really good people. I wish the leadership would maybe do a little bit better at thinking of the downstream effects of these decisions. Shoving it forward saying well just figure it out without considering all the possible results could really mess things up for people. Thank you for listening to us through this process though. I like that we can share our feelings on this site so it can be talked about. 

While it may seem like everything is happening very quickly, the intent of current meetings and forward movement is two-fold. 1) Byers, Strasburg, and Bennett all need to work together effectively as we are all getting busier and seeing increases in demands on all our resources currently. We all aim to serve the citizens on the corridor and ensure a safe and effective working environment for all of our staff 2) In an effort to brainstorm, plan, and address anticipated questions that the Boards will have as the process moves forward. Please keep in mind that there are a lot of people dedicating a great deal of thought, consideration, and time to all of these topics to find the best path forward with the goal of impacting our service areas and employees positively. There are still rumors, misconceptions, and misinformation being circulated - so please utilize the resources we are providing for reliable information. 

Budget Please post annual budgets and mill levy information for each department. It would also be helpful to know what monies are already spoken for through payments, leases, etc. 

Budgets can also be requested from the respective agency as they are public record. For convenience sake, we have posted as a link above with the other resources. 

Staff Voices Feedback 1 - Having a conversation about these issues would be really hard for people to do in person. Using this form to share our concerns and feedback is a good way to give a voice to the staff. Hopefully, the Chief's take the time to read and take this stuff to heart and don't dismiss it as an attack. People are simply sharing their fears and feelings in the hope the chiefs will consider it. Feedback 2- I like that the form answers are being posted for review and that is helping with communications. Transparency and actually providing clear answers are important to the process. Please continue to do this. Adding feedback and telling the boards actual concerns with the process helps this transparency. Maybe they will have good ideas too on helping. Involving our union is also a very important thing to help communicate these concerns, we appreciate it. 

The Chiefs are reviewing every submission and are aware that these conversations can be difficult, which is why these forms were created. Please remember you can also still talk to your Chiefs and have internal discussions as well, if desired.