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Tender 91

Tender 91 is a 2014 Freightliner Chassis Water Tender. Tender 91 is outfitted with a 3000 gallon tank, a 1000 gallon per minute pump, LED emergency lights, a 180 degree maneuverable dump chute on the rear of the apparatus, as well as a 35 foot ground ladder. Tender 91 responds second due to all reported structure, weed, and vehicle fires. Hydrants are primarily only located within the town limits, limiting the water supply for fires fought outside of the Town limits. Tender 91 also has a 3000 gallon "porta-tank" capable of being dropped and filled with water while the tender refills to provide additional water. Both the "porta-tank" and ground ladders are mounted on mechanical racks that lower to help the firefighter's remove them - preventing injury and decreasing the time it takes to deploy these essential firefighting tools. Tender 91 is the primary response tender within the fire protection district, as well as responding on requests for mutual aid from surrounding departments. Tender 91 has a fire rated pump as well as SCBAs for two firefighters should Tender 91 arrive to a scene before the first due engine.

May contain: transportation, truck, vehicle, fire truck, and car