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Volunteer Application Process

The application period for the 2023-2024 Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment is CLOSED. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter with Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue, please review all information including on this page.

The application process includes:

  • Application Review
  • Invitation To Test
  • Written Evaluation
  • Physical Agility Test
  • Invitation to Oral Board
  • Oral Board
  • Acceptance or Denial and Orientation
  • Probationary Membership to Bennett Fire Academy
  • Extension of offer for Volunteer Firefighter status upon successful completion of probation

Written Evaluation
The Written evaluation will test your aptitude and problem solving skills. Although some questions may be related to firefighting, no previous fire experience is required to successfully pass the written evaluation.

Physical Agility Test
A Physical Agility Test is an physical course designed to gauge your body's ability to withstand the rigors of the duties that may be required in the fire service.

The BWFR Candidate Physical Agility Test is a rigorous physical exercise that simulates many activities of the fire ground. It is a timed exercise, although speed is not the primary concern.Your commitment and resolve will be one of the main focuses.

You should come prepared to lift, carry, drag, pull, climb, and move in an intense physical activity. It is highly suggested that you stretch out prior to participation.

Appropriate attire in the form of shorts, t-shirt, and sneaker-type shoes are recommended.You will be wearing bunker gear on top of your street clothes. We also recommend bringing something to drink.

Oral Board
The Oral Board is your opportunity to show Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue why we need you, and the knowledge you have of our fire department. You will interview with a panel of Officers, typically including at least one Officer from each rank. Occasionally a line Firefighter will also attend your oral board. This can be a stressful experience, so planning ahead and reviewing what you know about BWFR can make it much easier.

Witness your strength at full capacity by joining Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue today!