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Volunteer Firefighters

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The Volunteer Firefighters at Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue are people who choose to donate their time to keep others safe, and they make up the majority of the personnel that respond to emergencies. Some Volunteer Firefighter's live within the boundaries of the Fire District and choose to run calls from their homes, responding to a station in an emergency to provide additional apparatus when needed. Other Volunteer Firefighters pull a required amount of shift hours a month, performing the same duties and tasks assigned to the full-time career personnel on shift. As a combination department, Bennett-Watkins Fire Rescue relies very heavily on its volunteer personnel and expects them to perform to the same level of paid career personnel on duty. All firefighters are trained to a minimum of State of Colorado Firefighter I and Hazardous Materials Operations with First Responder certification. Some personnel choose to pursue higher levels of certification and are certified to a Firefighter II, EMT, or Paramedic Level.


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